Maipato Kapotsa

  • Plumber/Leak Detection Technician
  • Welkom
  • Oct 24, 2017
Full time Construction Plumber Maintenance plumber Foreman Safety Officer

Personal Summary

I am a mature (self-reliant) adult, a multi skilled all-rounder with excellent people skills. Well-spoken and apply myself to a given task at hand. I have acquired a great deal of expertise and invincible abilities to demonstrate the practical application of skills and carry out duties as expected.

(Ref: attached herewith is the services letter from Smart Leak Detection & Plumbing)

My personal and professional experiences allow communication in the diverse environments and types of individual personalities that can be expected in Civil and Building Construction Sector.

INTERESTS: I enjoy fellowship with my family, watching athletics and animal documentaries on TV. I also enjoy going to cinema, reading a large variety of books and cooking.

My experience include:

- Coordinate the planning and allocation of work to ensure operational and safety procedures are adhered to.

- Attending to operational processes to ensure increased efficiency, productivity and Quality Assurance.

- Extensive exposure to larger Project Management environments.

- Facilities Maintenance

- Perform the full function of supervision daily and enforce compliance in a consistent manner.

- Training and induction of general workers and new crew members.

- Management & Leadership Roles.

- Administration/Liaising abilities.

- Extensive Report Writing.

Work Experience

Project Supervisor/Senior Industrial Plumbing Technician
Nov 2015 - Nov 2018 Matjhabeng Plumbing

Responsibilities/Key Performance Areas:

- Water Demand Management - Level One (1) Response

- Supervise the excavation for installation of Domestic and Bulk Water Meters and ensuring adherence

to OHS Act, bylaws, specifications and municipality standards.

- Maintains discipline of subordinates and monitor their work performance. 

- Performing routine repairs and preventative maintenance on Bulk Water Meters as

  per Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality specifications, standards and bylaws.

- Training and induction of general workers and new crew members.

- Ensures that all employees do not carry out duties without wearing the necessary PPE.

- Keep written records of training and/or induction of employees in the use of PPE.

- Perform the full function of supervision daily and enforce compliance in a consistent manner.

- Water Meter mains replacement and servicing.

- Installation (to "Standard") of new domestic water meters and service pipelines.

- Installation (to "Standard") of new bulk water meters and service valves.


Project Water Leak Detection Technician/ Industrial Plumber
Smart Leak Detection

Responsibilities/Key Performance Areas:                                                                               

- Project Team leader in the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality Project called “Top 500 Consumer Consolidation Programme”

- Water Demand Management - Level One (1) Response.

- Routine inspections and report all water leaks.

- Investigations/inspections on illegal connections and use of municipal water for bulk manufacturing.

- Water data logging - Static pressure tests - Draw down/Step tests.

- Water leakage detection, maintenance and repairs of Bulk Water Meters and District Valves and other Industrial plumbing components.

- Report Writing